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Always in the interest of insured persons

Servisa unites two independent foundations: The Servisa Collective Foundation offering comprehensive occupational benefit schemes for all employees and the Servisa Supra Collective Foundation for needs-based cadre employee benefit schemes. Both foundations are 100% independent. They are managed by their foundation boards, which are at all times exclusively committed to the interests of our insured persons.

Servisa in figures

We have earned the trust of more than 5,500 companies with over 75,000 employees, many of whom have been with us for decades. It is thanks to this trust that we have grown slowly but steadily over the past 50 years to become one of the largest and most robust pension funds in Switzerland.

The history of Servisa


Proven stability

We pursue an extremely prudent investment strategy that combines security and earnings opportunities. We also attach great importance to a healthy balance between our active members and our pensioners. With total assets of around 12 billion, Servisa is large enough to be extremely resilient, even in times of volatile markets. All capital gains remain in our foundations because the funds belong solely to our insured persons.


Strong performance

We have developed a strength through the diversity of the companies we serve as a pension fund. We now have state-of-the-art tools and an efficient team with a wealth of experience at our disposal enabling us to provide a customised, individual pension solution for every company.


Personal service

With us, you speak to people. All our insured persons and companies have a personal contact person at their disposal. We also provide a comprehensive online self-service package with tools and background information on all aspects of occupational benefit schemes. This makes our occupational benefit schemes as straightforward and efficient as possible in everyday life.

 Servisa in figures


Servisa provides pension cover for over 75,000 employees throughout Switzerland.


Over 5,500 companies from a wide range of sectors have joined Servisa.


With total assets of around CHF 12 billion, Servisa ranks among the robust and important pension funds in Switzerland.


56 employees in consulting and customer services at Servisa personally take care of the concerns of insured persons, companies and partners.


Servisa was founded in 1973 as a joint venture between the Cantonal Banks and Helvetia Insurance as an independent collective foundation.


Servisa is 100% independent and solely committed to the interests of its insured persons.


The history of Servisa



Patria (now Helvetia Insurance) and the Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks establish the Servisa Collective Foundation in Basel.


Servisa exceeds the threshold of 10,000 insured persons.


Servisa Collective Foundation establishes a collective foundation for needs-based management pension provision under the name Servisa Supra. Servisa also exceeds the threshold of 30,000 insured persons.


Servisa Collective Foundation and Servisa Supra Collective Foundation henceforth operate under the joint umbrella brand “Swisscanto”.


The Servisa Collective Foundation counts more than 50,000 insured persons, and around 2,100 persons are insured with Servisa Supra.


Brokers, i.e. independent advisory partners, are henceforth systematically and tactically integrated into the business strategy of the Servisa Collective Foundations.


The Servisa Collective Foundation transfers the old-age pensions from the reinsurer Helvetia back to the collective foundation and acquires over CHF 1 billion in additional actuarial reserves in this context.


The Servisa Collective Foundation celebrates its 50th anniversary. On this occasion, the two collective foundations revert to their original names Servisa Collective Foundation and Servisa Supra Collective Foundation. Approximately 75,000 people are now insured with the Servisa Foundations at this time.

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Management Collective Foundations

Davide Pezzetta
Managing Director Servisa Foundations
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Gregor Konieczny
Deputy Managing Director Servisa Foundations
Head Sales & Consulting
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Ulrike B├╝hler
Head Underwriting
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Oscar Miller
Head Customer Services
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Eva Mung
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Servisa Collective Foundations
St. Alban-Anlage 26
T +41 58 280 26 66

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Postal address:
Servisa Foundations
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