Servisa Collective Foundation

The Servisa Collective Foundation is the Swiss specialist for everything related to occupational benefit schemes. We take care of all matters related to compulsory and voluntary pension schemes in accordance with the LOB – for employers and employees. The Servisa Collective Foundation was founded in 1973 under the name “Servisa” by the Association of Swiss Cantonal Banks, and “Patria”, which is now “Helvetia”. Based on our many years of experience, we create needs-based, flexible occupational benefit scheme solutions for companies of all sizes and in all segments.

Aligned with our customers’ needs

Needs-based is not simply a buzzword for us: We offer LOB solutions, which are geared precisely to your individual needs. That’s because a company with three employees cannot be treated the same way as one with 600 employees. Each corporate customer of the Servisa Collective Foundation receives a comprehensible and transparent benefit plan. When creating these, we focus in particular on clear and understandable wording.

A solid financial foundation

Ensuring the security of pension funds entrusted to us has the highest priority. That means: the focus is not placed on achieving optimum yields at any cost, but rather on a balanced and reasonable relationship between performance and risk. An investment strategy is always chosen that ensures long-term asset preservation. The investment of retirement capital takes place via the Servisa Investment Foundation. In doing so, the investment experts focus on a sustainable investment style. The pension assets of our customers are invested primarily in companies, which treat people and the environment in a responsible manner. To ensure this takes place in line with the required level of security and yields, we are supported by investment professionals from the Z├╝rcher Kantonalbank, Credit Suisse, GAM, LGT and Mercer, to name a few.


Other key figures, such as the funding ratio of the Servisa Collective Foundation, the performance of the old-age savings, or for example the current interest rates for your LOB savings can be found here.

Would you like to see how we have worked over the past few years? The last twelve annual reports of the Servisa Collective Foundation can be downloaded here.

Would you like to have an overview of the most important figures currently applicable to the various social insurance schemes in Switzerland? Here you can download our information sheet "Mandatory Social Insurances".

In the information sheet "Servisa Foundations" you will find more detailed information on our solutions designed specifically for occupational pension provision. Of course, you can also contact us by telephone at any time. Please call 058 280 26 66.

Are you looking for the general regulatory provisions, or would like to find out more about our Board of Foundation, then click here.