Servisa Supra Collective Foundation

Top supplements to occupational benefit schemes

Servisa Supra is the specialist in extra-mandatory aspects of the occupational benefit scheme. The independent collective foundation covers entitlements which exceed the LOB mandatory insurance.

The Servisa Supra collective foundation has been offering needs-based manager solutions for employees with specific pension requirements since 1985. These are generally employees whose benefit coverage has gaps due to their higher salaries. By choosing a Supra additional pension solution companies ensure that employees in higher salary segments are able to continue their accustomed standards of living even after retirement age or in case of a disability and that, in the case of death, their survivors receive better cover.

Particular needs call for particular solutions

You as the employer and client work with us to develop the additional pension provision for a defined group of individuals within your company. Depending on the needs, which can vary greatly depending on the company and personnel structure, we will present you different options of how to improve the retirement benefits and risk cover for your key employees. It is entirely up to you to choose which additional benefits you want for your management or other particularly important employees. The experts at the Servisa Supra collective foundation create a tailored managers' solution for you which complies with all legal and fiscal framework conditions.

The necessary discretion is guaranteed at all times

Occupational benefit schemes have become an important component of conditions of employment for employees. Hence more and more employers are also offering additional pension benefits for their key employees, already in the initial job specifications. In addition to a higher salary, an extra-mandatory occupational benefit scheme is becoming an evermore-common part of the benefits offered to management employees. Naturally, employers want this information to remain confidential. Our Supra contract ensures this at all times: the Supra contract runs separately from the LOB basic contract.

Additional Supra advantages for employers

Our tailored manager solutions ensure that your company is able to stand out as an attractive and socially-conscious employer, giving you an advantage in attracting staff. Higher-salary employees will show a greater level of loyalty to your company thanks to an attractive Supra pension contract.
Since the Supra is closely linked to the Servisa collective foundation, our clients also benefit from economies of scale: A large collective foundation is able to work more cost-effectively and can guarantee a better quality of service thanks to its many years of experience.

Employees benefit as well

Our tailored manager solutions don't merely close gaps in pension coverage: a further important argument in favour of an additional pension contract is the tax advantages from which both the insured individuals and the company can benefit. 2nd pillar contributions can be deducted from taxes. Furthermore, all Supra benefits are coordinated with other social insurances to avoid any over- or underinsurance. Additional pension coverage can also make early retirement easier.

In order to develop a suitable, tailored additional coverage solution for your company, please contact your Servisa pension advisor by phone at 058 280 26 66 or by E-Mail . We look forward to talking to you.